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Earn more from your airbnb rental with Airbnb Management Pretoria Full-Service Airbnb property management. Airbnb Management Pretoria is an executive short rental agency focused on upscale and convenient furnished rentals. Airbnb Management Property listings are marketed across multiple platforms like Airbnb,, Expedia. We partner with property owners and investors to provide exceptional experiences to guests during their trip to Pretoria. Professional Airbnb management in Pretoria will optimises every aspect of the rental process. 

We make managing your Airbnb property easy

You’re too busy to worry about  your Airbnb property, so let us take care of it. As one of the longest established Airbnb management companies in Pretoria, the services we provide will exceed your expectations.

We believe our Airbnb management service in Pretoria stands alone in terms of service, communication and guest care.

Feel confident to travel overseas for work or leisure or leave an investment property in our care and we’ll treat your place like it’s ours.

Free evaluation of your property

Airbnb Management will give you a free evaluation of your property and calculate your potential rental earnings based off past 


Reservation Management

Before taking a reservation, Airbnb Property Management Pretoria will screen the guests. We ask guests to send us a message with their information. We also look at their profile to see whether there are positive references, for example. We always make sure that the guests’ details are verified.

We prefer to rent your home to a couple, family, senior or business traveller as we’ve had good experiences with these target groups.

Airbnb Management Pretoria Virtual Manager

 Airbnb Management Pretoria’s service is a modern full-service short term property management offering. With our full-service manager program, we will learn everything there is to know about your property, have our Listing Managers and Pricing Analysts continuously optimize it on the major booking platforms (Airbnb, HomeAway,, VRBO, Expedia), and our Guest Experience Team will run the entire day to day operations remotely. 

We will also handle the “in-person” component of your short term rental operation. That means we will be responsible for ensuring your place is fully stocked with everything your guests need and that if a lockout occurs we have a good backup system in place to support the guest. We will coordinate cleanings and house repairs with your cleaner(s) and maintenance contacts to save you time. Airbnb Management Pretoria is perfect for clients who want to take advantage of our multi-channel optimization and day to day operational capabilities managing all aspects of your rental. 

24/7 reception for your guests

Airbnb Management Pretoria is available to your guests 24/7 during the rental period. We will help your guests find their way around the city, and in the event of emergencies, we’re right there and ready to help. Naturally, the Airbnb Management team in Pretoria is also available at all times to you as the landlord.

The rapid emergence of the home-sharing industry brought in part by Airbnb’s rise has created an opportunity for people around the world to generate income from their vacant properties in ways that only recently became possible. As the demand for homestyle accommodation increases faster than supply, hosts who are able to combine a data-driven approach to revenue optimization with five-star guest experience will separate themselves from the rest. Our full-service and virtual manager offering enables your property to achieve its full potential while saving you all the time it takes to manage and run the 24/7 operations.

Properties can have significant differences in income. Your recommended rental price depends on various factors such as location, surface, view, number of beds and extras like for example use of bicycles. 

Set your property up for success with Airbnb Management Pretoria

The maximum amount of income a property will generate is determined in the setup phase and as your business partner, we’re here to advise you throughout the entire process. Leveraging modern design principles that appeal to a broad audience, assessing how to set up bed layouts, ensuring all short term rental essentials are in place, determining the business case of renting a parking bay and using smart technology to enhance guest experience are just a few examples of setup considerations. The setup phase is the only part that requires your involvement, and we’re here to make it as easy and efficient as possible for you.

We will take it all from there!

Airbnb Management Pretoria

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